Outsource of Contact centre/ Crm

We provide 24/7 contact center services (CC/CRM product) to companies. For car manufacturers, leasing companies, dealerships and small assistance companies, we offer services for processing incoming or making outgoing calls to end customers who use their services.

Within this product, you can:

  • organize a 24/7 hotline (numbers 8-800 for free calls from anywhere in the Republic of Kazakhstan);
  • customer information services (invitations to various specialized events, registration for technical / service maintenance, information about ongoing marketing promotions);
  • customer survey services (to identify the degree of interest of end customers in a particular product / service or to control the quality of services provided).

The product model, its content, reporting system, as well as scenarios for processing / making phone calls are developed individually for each Client.

After the customer approves the accompanying documentation for the product, the contact center specialists undergo specialized training and mandatory testing, the results of which determine their level of qualification and (if necessary) specialization.

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